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A New Digital Information Source

We are excited to announce our school subscription to a new information resource, PebbleGo by Capstone, a database accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Geared toward the needs of our K-2 learners, it is an important asset for providing all our learners with adequate print and digital resources in support of school-wide curricula.

This digital resource complements our print nonfiction collection and, moreover, it allows us to involve our youngest readers in developing modern literacy skills (finding, selecting, processing and presenting information) through engagement in research. Last year our Kindergarten students, for example, participated in shared research about penguins. First graders individually researched an animal of their choice and second graders a famous person. We find that students are naturally curious and excited to learn about animals and people at that age and engaging with resources that promote independent learning is beneficial.

While the focus of research is on teaching foundational skills, it is the database’s multimodal features that make it invaluable for our younger students. Information is communicated via images, audio, video, text and the ability to highlight text--each modus communicating meaning to the student regardless of the type of learner. And, of course, there is also the added benefit of building technology skills while engaging with the information. Ultimately, our goal is to nurture lifelong modern literacy skills. Exposing our youngest students is one stop on that journey.

To check out our latest digital information resource, please contact Mrs. Hallett for login information.

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