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We are excited to announce our school subscription to a new information resource, PebbleGo by Capstone, a database accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Geared toward the needs of our K-2 learners, it is an important asset for providing all our learners with adequate print and digital resources in support of school-wide curricula.

This digital resource complements our print nonfiction collection and, moreover, it allows us to involve our youngest readers in developing modern literacy skills (finding, selecting, processing and presenting information) through engagement in research. Last year our Kindergarten students, for example, participated in shared research about penguins. First graders individually researched an animal of their choice and second graders a famous person. We find that students are naturally curious and excited to learn about animals and people at that age and engaging with resources that promote independent learning is beneficial.

While the focus of research is on teaching foundational skills, it is the database’s multimodal features that make it invaluable for our younger students. Information is communicated via images, audio, video, text and the ability to highlight text--each modus communicating meaning to the student regardless of the type of learner. And, of course, there is also the added benefit of building technology skills while engaging with the information. Ultimately, our goal is to nurture lifelong modern literacy skills. Exposing our youngest students is one stop on that journey.

To check out our latest digital information resource, please contact Mrs. Hallett for login information.

We are very fortunate to live in a city with a great public library system. This week, Ms. Alison Pulley visited our 4th and 5th grade classrooms to introduce them to some of the great online resources the library has to offer. The students especially loved to learn how to download ebooks onto their iPads. Also, several of them were tickled to recognize the librarian from the Kori Road branch, who has helped them find books in the past.



We love the books in our school library! However, in today's world, the school library is more than simply a warehouse for books. Due to the ubiquity of digital content and the availability of the internet, information is no longer confined to printed materials accessible in a physical location. School libraries of the 21st century must become spaces where students use a variety of media and digital tools to construct knowledge, create, collaborate, and communicate. Keeping our library equipped for cutting edge learning empowers our entire school.

While iPads have been integral tools to demonstrate student learning at our school, the day school library is pleased to announce that it now houses 10 new iPad mini tablets. They are a great resource for the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School community. Each iPad is named after a well-known Jewish author.

Thanks to the generosity of the PTA, we now have access to World Book Online's School Edition database. This database is a reference and research tool designed for elementary and middle school students. Its content includes articles, images, and videos on over 40,000 topics. Two different user interfaces and a range of readability levels allow even our youngest students to dive into the first steps of the research process. Since it is accessible 24/7, World Book Online is also a great resource to help with homework assignments.


To access World Book Online from school, click the image in the right sidebar of the library page:


Or click the following link:


To access the database from home, please contact or for login information.


Thanks to many hours put it by our wonderful tech team, Ms. Kim and Ivy, our online catalog, Alexandria, is now upgraded and running better than ever. For quicker access, I’ve added a link on the library blog’s right sidebar.


Please note that the catalog is available during school hours only. After clicking the Alexandria link, select the “Researcher” option.


The default search screen allows you to search by author, title, series, or subject.


One of the more user-friendly new features of this upgraded catalog is that search results now display book covers. I love this visual addition!


Also, once a book record is selected, readers may rate a book and/or add a book review.


The new interface provides some other added-value search features. For example, access a list of the “Most Popular” or “Award Winners” titles in our library collection. Or click “What’s New” to see the most recently added items to our collection. Simply click the respective links in the Explore tools window.


A “Simple Search” is Alexandria's default search option. However, you may also search for book titles by Accelerated Reader book level range and/or points. From the drop-down menu on the right, select “Study Program”. Then select “Accelerated Reader” and enter your search parameters.


Give our recently updated Alexandria catalog a try!