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In-Text Citations

According to MLA style, you must refer to works of others in your text using parenthetical citations. Generally, for print sources, you do so by following the author-page format, i.e. providing the author's last name and the page number of the quote or paraphrase. If, however, the author is unknown, you must use a shortenend title of the work instead. Since page numbers are typically not provided for digital sources, simply include the text of the first item that appears in your Works Cited entry. This may include the author's last name or the website article in quotation marks. For more information and additional examples, please refer to MLA In-Text Citations: The Basics.


Print Book:

The author pointed out that "in the wild, red-tailed monkeys groom each other" (Litchfield 13).


As Litchfield pointed out, "in the wild, red-tailed monkeys groom each other" (13).


Digital Source:

"She was the first deafblind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree" ("Helen Keller").


Keller was not only a prolific author, but also a champion of social causes (Thompson).


Thompson states that not only was Keller a prolific author, but she was also a champion of social causes.


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