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Connecting for World Read Aloud Day 2015


Last week, Kindergarten through 3rd grades celebrated World Read Aloud Day in the school library. It is an event promoted annually by Litworld on the first Wednesday of March. Its purpose is to call "global attention to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories."

Our Kindergarten class was fortunate to connect with Jane Kohuth, author of Estie, the Mensch, a story about a little girl who pretends to be all kinds of different animals but eventually learns to be a mensch. The students had lots of questions for Ms. Kohuth, including where she lives to how she comes up with her stories.



First grade virtually visited with children's book author Lori Degman. The author read aloud her latest book, Cock-A-Doodle Oops!, a story in rhyme about farm animals who try to rouse the farmer after the rooster takes off for a week. The kids loved participating by imitating the farm animals' attempts to sound like a rooster. Ms. Degman then spoke with us about her creative writing process.


Our 2nd grade students visited with another 2nd grade class in Wentzville, Missouri. Their teacher and I co-read Same, Same But Different by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, a story about an American and an Indian boy who are friends even though they literally live worlds apart. After reading, students asked and answered questions about our schools, cities, classroom pets, and favorite activities.


Third grade students were treated to a read aloud by Sunny Isles, Florida, teacher Jenny Levinson. She read Lily the Unicorn by Dallas Clayton. Despite some technical difficulties, we loved listening to this story about Lily, who teaches her pal Roger not to be afraid of new things.


We're looking forward to next year's World Read Aloud Day!

2 thoughts on “Connecting for World Read Aloud Day 2015

  1. mjgds

    Fabulous - thanks for sharing. How did you connect with the authors? Did authors connect with you through Litworld or did you find them on your own? Why are authors interested in talking with students?

    1. Karin Hallett

      Yes, we had a lot of fun. I had found Jane Kohuth through her blog last year already and we've been lucky to have her skype with us for the second time. Lori Degman, Jenny Levinson, and Jeanne Cook (2nd grade teacher in MO) were all offering their time on Skype in the Classroom. Great resource!


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