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International Dot Day 2015



In September, Martin J. Gottlieb Day School students in grades 1 through 4 celebrated International Dot Day. Celebrated annually, this day has truly grown into an international event with students in 116 countries participating. We began each class by reading the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. It's a story about Vashti, a young artist who cannot figure out what to draw in art class. Her teacher encourages Vashti to "make her mark"--to explore her creativity--and inspire others.

1st Grade: Doodling Dots

1st grade students showed their creativity using the Doodle Buddy app for iPad. The instructions: Draw a dot or several dots. Make them colorful.

2nd Grade: Creating While Exploring

Dot Day was the perfect opportunity to allow our 2nd grade students to explore a new tool, Wixie. The students were able to show their creative sides while familiarizing themselves with the many features in this new tool. A perfect segue into the presentations on their Native American research, which will be created in Wixie.



3rd Grade: Braille Name Dots

Students in 3rd grade learned about Louis Braille and his system of reading and writing for the blind. On big cardboard circles, students wrote their names in Braille and then decorated their dots.

Processed with Moldiv

3rd Grade Dots


4th Grade: Augmented Reality

Our 4th graders learned about augmented reality. They created dots and watched it go from 2d to 3d using the Quiver app for iPad.


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