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Student Creators: Thanksgiving Day Activities

I love reading and discussing stories with children. We elaborate on the meaning of a character's action or question our understanding of the turn of an event. Often the children make connections or associations. We also study the illustrations and think about how they help tell the story. As the children are reflecting on the plot or the characters or a specific event, as an added bonus I learn about each child and their interests.

I also love incorporating technology into my lessons. So this year in celebration of Thanksgiving the Kindergarten through 3rd-grade classes listened to, pondered, and responded to Thanksgiving-themed stories and concluded each lesson with a tech-inspired activity.


Task: Illustrate and write about how you would disguise yourself before the Thanksgiving dinner if you were a turkey.


First Grade

Task: If you were a turkey on Thanksgiving Day, what would you do? Complete the sentence starter, take a selfie and move it onto the turkey's body.

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Second Grade

Task: Follow specific steps drawing a turkey. Then, in a speech bubble, tell the turkey's feelings when he sees Mr. Moose and the other animals approaching.

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Third Grade

Task: Draw a book character balloon.

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